IRTRA Retalhuleu

Irtra is a Guatemalan institution funded by private industries, corporations and employers; which grants its employees access to vacationing centers located throughout the country.

The most luxurious of these is El irtra de Reu, as Guatemalans call it for short, located on the province of Retalhuleu, three hour drive from Guatemala City.
The resort is composed of four separate hotels, each one with a different level of luxury and a different architecture style:Hostal San Martín, Hostal Santa Cruz, Hostal La Rancheria and Hostal Palajunoj, this last one being the most luxurious and expensive; usually reserved by the wealthier middle classer.

This is a place to relax!
There is a spa perfect for a relaxing massage, to spend time at the sauna or simply lay by the pool seeping some piña coladas.

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