There was no Holocaust!

Rios Montt
The people in charge of security in the Ghettos were often Jews, and how and why would they turn in their fellow Jews to the Nazi killing machine.

Who in the right mind would kill their workforce!? The Jewish people were an essential part of the German Economy, they worked on the manufacture of clothing, ammunition among other things. Suggesting that the Nazi would purposely kill their workers is naive.
People working on the gas-chambers were often Jews, and why would a Jew work on killing other fellow Jews!?
There were Jewish officers serving on the Wehrmach and even in the SS, and some of them granted pure-blooded titles by the Führer himself, so they can keep on serving on the armed forces. See, if there were Jewish officers, there is no chance for the Holocaust to be true.
It was a war and people die in wars, we should leave this behind and move forward.
It was not a genocide because the allies also committed war crimes and no body is punishing them for it.

Yeah, outrageous and ludicrous as it sounds, those are the arguments given, and some times by respected scholars and academics, to refute the fact of the Guatemalan Genocide, perpetrated by the Guatemalan Army in the early 1980s.
During the Genocide, the Guatemalan army was composed of indigenous people, except for the higher ranks, and an indigenous army can not be used to kill their own kind. Right?
An argument I heard by a known Guatemalan journalist states that it was impossible and stupid to suggest that the armed forces would be used to kill the workforce (the indigenous people) because they were necessary for the rural economy, for the plantations etc.
It was a war and people die in wars, it was not a Genocide! Yeah, you hear this often here in Guatemala.
And another of the most repeated “arguments”: the guerrillas also committed crimes and no one criticize them for it. Some how this argument “disproves” the Guatemalan Genocide. Brilliant!

The Genocide trail against former dictator Efrain Rios Montt resumed yesterday and it is the front cover of news papers today.
This trial has sparked a huge debate among all sectors of Guatemalan Society and hopefully a more enlighten society comes out of it.

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  • mnbmbmn

    you are stupid ignorant fool. go get a life or better kill yourself

    • Elí Orozco

      Your point?

  • elgordo

    We can only hope that mnbmbmm follows his own advice. I don’t think that genocide was committed in Guatemala if you define it as the systematic destruction of an ethnicity/race. Mass murder, massacres, yes, no question about it. But genocide? I don’t think so. I believe that Europeans are redefining the word genocide to cleanse themselves of their genocidal history. The Germans committed genocide, the Spaniards, the Belgians, the English, etc. Those people annihilated whole nations, races, ethnicities in the Americas, Africa, Australia, etc. To compare what happened in Guatemala to what Europeans have done is laughable and absurd. As bad as Guatemalans have been to each other, we have not fallen to the horrific depravities of the Europeans, who now judge us and accuse us of committing what they have unquestionably committed..

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello ElGordo. I’m clearly saying that most arguments, even at an academic level, to deny what happened in Guatemala during our civil war are very naive and ludicrous. Yes, one can make a very coherent case either in favor or against it, no question about it, but that’s not what we hear here in Guatemala. More of the arguments are ideology based and not based on historical accounts or tangible evidence.

    • Elí Orozco

      Well, no one is compering the European Holocaust or any of the historical genocides to what happened in Guatemala. What I am doing is putting in a different context a lot of the “arguments” that are often given in Guatemala to make a case against the “genocide” committed during the 1980. Right? in a different context, the what you often hear here in Guatemala is laughable and absurd. A coherent debate at the highest level is what is needed here in Guatemala.
      Was it a Genocide what occurred in the 1980, well, my opinion is unimportant, irrelevant. I’ve heard stories of direct witnesses that would make a strong case for calling it a Genocide, but that’s not absolute either. Two independent bodies, the CIDH and the Comision de la Verdad, both in different cases found that the acts committed by the army were clearly a Genocide.

      • elgordo

        I respect your opinion, but I have a different take on the word “genocide.” My point is this: if one uses the word genocide to describe what happened in Guate and to describe the Holocaust, one is not only comparing, but equalizing (for lack of a better word) both horrors. The Guatemalan government and the Guatemalan people did not collude to annihilate the Maya and to profit from their destruction. We are not like our Spanish ancestors (or the Nazis) in that regard. What happened in Guate is horrible and shameful, but genocide it was not. That word should be reserved to that particular European specialty.