Hiking up Tajumulco Volcano

Hiking up Tajumulco
Tajumulco Volcano, Guatemala’s and Central America’s highest peak, reaching 4,220 meters in height (13840 Feet) is frequented by international hikers all the time.

During the rain-less season, every day you’ll find groups of foreign tourist making the hike.
It is not very technical hike, the starting point is already at a high elevation and at a good pace you can make it to the summit in less than six hours.
The only inconvenience is the altitude. When you are about to reach the crater, the altitude really affects you body and if you are not use to the altitude, you’ll get some really painful headaches.
If you ever want to hike up this volcano, make sure you spend a few days in San Marcos to acclimatize to the altitude and it won’t bother you much up the summit.
Oh, a lot of people and guides recommend spending a few days in the city of Xelaju (Quetzaltenango) to acclimatize. My personal opinion, Xelaju won’t help you much. I would suggest spending a few days living in the City of San Marcos, closer to the volcano and at a higher altitude. Oh, and one more thing, Xelaju is a touristy city and of course, everything is a little more expensive than in San Marcos City.

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