Guatemala’s Abandoned Train Wagons

Guatemalan Trains
Nothing represents more how Guatemalan politics and economics work, or don’t work, than the failed train systems.

Guatemala had two competing and independent train lines, one running the route to Guatemala’s Pacific and Atlantic ports, and the other covering the Highlands.

The one working on the Highlands, Ferrocarril de los Altos, a beautiful conceived train system, was working perfectly and it was not allowed to continue running purely for political reasons. In fact, did you know that Guatemala’s Ferrocarril de los Altos held a record for an electrical train as the second in gaining most altitude in the shortest distance, first place was held by a train in the European Alps.

The other line was not able to continue operations due to the lack of maintenance caused by corruption of high ranking officials operating the train system.

Now they are but rusted pieces of metal.

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  • Nena Here

    Este tren me trae muchos recuerdos de cuando era pequena, ivamos con mis padres al Lago de Amatitlan. Al relleno a almorzar. Y me da tanta tristesa ver que los carros estan ahi y nadie los usa para nada. Que daria yo tener la posibilidad de restaurarlos y crear algo que las nuevas generaciones puedan aprender la historia detras de estos carros sucios y viejos.