Todos Santos Cuchumatan

Reconocimiento a Jinete
I know I’ve shared photographs of Todos Santos Cuchumatan.

Well, I was just re-editing some photographs of the famous “Carrera de las Animas” and I feel the need to share once again some of them.
There is so much to this Mayan Mam tradition and most of the photographs you often see about it lack any social or historical context, so Eli takes the task of getting involved and digging out some of the history, the meaning of it all.
Some of my photographs try to show those things many people miss; from the arribal of the riders from neighboring villages, the dancing and drinking at the “Primer Capitan”‘s house, the food served to the guests, the “price” for the riders, etc.

© 2015, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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