Jardín Botánico

Jardín Botánico
Guatemala City’s Jardín Botánico, Botanical Garden, founded in 1922, and conveniently located in Zone 5, offers us a nice collection

of stuffed animals, a beautiful collection of butterflies and the garden is a very peaceful sanctuary of hundreds of trees and plants. This place is perfect for bringing lunch and having a meal on the tables by the pond, surrounded by nature.

Oh, by the way, the garden is open Monday to Friday but this coming Sunday it will be open to the public. They want more people to be aware of this beautiful place and the things it has to offer, and they are inviting more people to walk in. And they will be having Guatemalan food for sale. Admission is Q3 for nationals, Q10 for foreigners.

Moth and Butterfly Collection

Jardín Botánico

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