Guatemalan Medicine

Guatemalan Orthopedic Insoles
Guatemalan Medicine, a $56 solution for a thousand Dollars problem.

Back in the U.S. of A. when I was in high school I used to run a lot. I used to run almost every day, about 6 miles per day.
Some years after high school I continued running, but eventually I had to slow down and at some point I had to stop completely due to a severe pain in my lower tibia.

Of course I went to a doctor, appointment for which I paid $300, He prescribed some pain medication and order X-rays, which I did not pay because it was too expensive, $900 for the set of X-rays.

Some years later I went to another doctor ($250) for the same severe pain and of course he orders X-rays again to see if I had “stress fractures”. and of course I did not go for the X-rays because of the price.
I had to deal with the pain for several years and at some point it was so much, I had difficulty just walking short distances.

Well, Elí comes to Guatemala and goes to a chiropractor (Q250 or $33) and he uses top of the line technology: a wooden board, a black marker and a tape-measure. He had me stand barefoot on this wooden board he makes a mark on my hips and measures the length of my legs.
Ends up Elí has a little irregular feet archers and one of his legs is millimeters larger.
The Chiropractor orders a set of orthopedic insoles. Elí goes to a shop in Zone 9, Guatemala City where the insoles are made to the specs ordered: Q175, $23.
A week later the insoles are ready, Elí picks them up and puts them on and as a result Elí can now run a half marathon without any issues.

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