Cajita Feliz


Guatemala is the birth place of the “Happy Meal” of the world’s most famous fast food restaurant. Here it was born under the name of “Cajita Feliz”, something like “Happy Little Box”, in the sense of a box full of happiness.

Well, I’ve decided to called this one a Cajita Feliz as-well, but for grownups.
Commemorating Quetzalteca’s 68th birthday they came up with this nice box with 6 bottles with reprints of their old labels.

Need another excuse to try them?


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  • Erica

    Where, besides Guatemala, would I be able to buy this??

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Erica and thanks for reading. They were available at most supermarkets here in Guatemala. A friend bought one not long ago, they might still be available. Salud.