El Gringo de San Martín

El Gringo de San Martín
El Gringo de San Martín, as he calls himself.

A love story brings him from Oregon to a small town,hard hit by war, on Guatemala’s Highlands In 1996, right before the signing of the peace accords.
People in town tell he introduced pizza to town, which became a very successful business.
18 years later, three Guatemalan born children, apparently a love story going awry; he starts a new business selling burritos, barbecue chicken, coffee and pastries on the streets of town, not far from where the pizza place stands. “I have nothinhg to do with that place now.” “I don’t sell anything they do.”, on this new business he started just last February.
There are lots of stories 18 years far away home can tell. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more details of his stories soon.

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