Guatemalan Telecommunications Technology

One Time when I used to live in the U.S. of A. a young girl asked me if we had microwaves in my country.

Surprisingly, a lot of people have this mind set when they have never been here.
When foreigners arraive here they are shock by simple facts: one can buy a cellphone with enough minutes and internet access for a month for less than $28, €20.
Coverage is great, you can be at the summit of a distant volcano and you’ll have cellphone and network coverage.
I met a group of Mexican mountaineers last year and we were talking about this and they told me: we use the Guatemalan cellphone network in bordering states because there is no Mexican coverage or the Guatemalan is much better.
On the photograph a friend of mine is checking her e-mail en route to the summit of a volcano.
Oh by the way we do have them microwaves.

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