How would you react if the private secretary of the Vice-President was involved (allegedly of course) in a criminal organization?

Well, that’s what has just happened here in Guatemala. And to everyone’s surprise (not me), the audio recordings of the investigation suggest that at least two people with higher ranks within the criminal organization, code named “The R (V.P.’s first name starts with same later), The Mrs, The President (who he might be?), are allegedly in command of the illegal operations.
And of course, the prosecutors have decided (so far) not to pursue an investigation into who them might be.

The numbers:

According to the investigations, more than Q4,000,000,000 about $550 million U.S. Dollars were allegedly embezzled during the last four years by this criminal organization.
Well, just to put things into perspective, $550 millions is equal to more than 1% of the Guatemalan yearly GDP!

And, this is how Guatemalans have reacted to these news:

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  • NYChapin

    Wow, great shots Eli. What an incredible experience for the country.