Remnants of the pre-Columbian Diet


When the Spaniards arrived in the New World, they witnessed a great variety of wild game and semi domesticated animals used in the local cuisine.

Meats were not common on the daily diet of the commoner, which consisted mostly on grains, vegetables and fruits.
But the nobility enjoyed these meats in their daily diet and served on banquets. These meats included: deer, opossum, turkey, several breeds of domesticated dogs, iguanas and its eggs and other wild game.

Most of this diet, this cuisine has become extinct, and even a lot of these foods are seen as taboo.

But there are still a few places in Guatemala where you can still find “exotic” foods. In Palín, a town no more than and hour and a half drive from Guatemala City, you can get tacuazín (opossum) prepared in a stew, iguana is very common on this street market, served in a tomato sauce, my favorite! Very juicy and flavorful!

In the department of Petén, Northern Guatemala there is a restaurant were you can order: deer, wild boar and tepezcuintle or lowland paca.

So if your mind is not bound by society’s taboo, don’t miss a chance to try them when you come visit.

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