Actún Can Caves

Actún Can
I just came across an audio recording inside the Actún Can cave system in Santa Elena, Petén, by one of the most famous Guatemalan rock bands Bohemia Suburbana.

The Sounds is beautiful and it transports me back to the cave complex I’ve visited half-of-a-dozen times.
If you do not fear darkness and you are an experienced explorer; venturing into these caves solo is an adventure you have to have. Just be prepared, make sure you bring enough batteries and flashlights.
I am very familiar with the caves and last year I was showing them to a friend of mine. I took him to one of my favorite chambers and on the way back I found a group of Mexican tourists who had ventured into the caves without a guide and they weren’t able to find their way back. They were at the point of panicking, I had to showed them the way out. (And Eli didn’t even get a thank you.)
So if you are not the venturous explorer, just stay on the marked path to the near chambers and there are local children at the cave’s entrance that can show you around for a few Quetzales (local currency).

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