El Mirador: Prelude

El Mirador
El Mirador is a Preclassic Mayan City, located at the Mirador Basin, Guatemala’s Northern-most frontiers.

The Preclassic era or the Maya ranges from 1000 B.C.- 250 AD. This era was long thought to belong to primitive people, small groups of nomads, hunter and gatherers and small human settlements. But out of this primitive time, these great Mayan Cities are erected in the middle of the jungle, with El Mirador being the most important and awing one.
During this “primitive” time, Mayan People had not yet standardized a writing system, and the only way great kings could project their power was by building colossal structures, and La Danta pyramid complex on the west side of the city of El Mirador was one of their most ambitious construction projects, one of the biggest pyramids in the world. Some sources cited as 77 meters in height, some others put it at 74.

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