El Mirador: La Danta

La Danta
Resting on the Easter section of the city and towering over the jungle canopy, La Danta, crown jewel of the Preclassic Mayan City of El Mirador, .

This is one of the most ambitious construction projects ever embarked by the ancient Maya. La Danta pyramid complex rests on a series of massive platforms, and on top of these platforms a triadic system of temples; three pyramids, the main temple reaching 72 meters in height, flanked by two smaller structures.
The volume of the platforms is so massive, 2,800,000 cubic meters, one could fit inside it the entire main plaza of Tikal and its structures, yes that massive!
Stairs of La Danta
The city was eventually abandoned in about 150 AD. It was later reoccupied by the Classic Maya, and La Danta was used as a housing area and the site shows evidence of peregrinations bringing and leaving offerings on the site.

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