Authentic Guatemalan Food

La Cocina de la Señora Pu.
I’ve complaint repeatedly about the difficulty of finding authentic, accessible, good quality, and yeah, lets say it: safe to it Guatemalan foods in or around Guatemala City.

Well, once in a while one comes across places that keeps your hopes alive like La Cocina de la Señora Pu. And once you’ve tried them, you’ll keep coming back for more!
Surprisingly, this very small restaurant, consisting of one single table for two and a series of 5 or 6 bar-stools, is located only a few steps from one of Guatemala City’s most iconic avenues, Sexta Avenida.
The food is incredibly tasty, unique versions of Guatemalan dishes and the secret is in the sauce. For example, their Coche al Cacao dish (Pig on Cacao Sauce) is very simple, consisting on two small pieces of pig’s meat covered on a delicious Cacao Sauce. The sauce is so amazing, you are tempted on eating just the sauce with a healthy dose of tortillas.
No photographs of the food this time, but I will have a second chance soon.
Bon appétit.

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