Opium Poppy

Papaver somniferum, opium poppy
Papaver somniferum, an illicit plant in many countries.

Guatemala is known to be a transit point for many drugs, in fact, some studies suggest that up to 70% of cocaine passes through Guatemala on its journey to the largest consumer market which is the U.S. of A.
Not much known is the fact that Guatemala is a producer, insignificant amounts though, of some illicit plants such as Cannabis and Opium Poppy.
Opium Poppies are grown in small scale in Guatemala’s country side. The plant is so common and seen as inoffensive that in some villages people grow it on their gardens. Yes, they are aware of the value of its latex and they extract it in small amounts to later be transported in ********* to processing facilities in ********, from where it eventually makes its way up North to the U.S.A. as Heroin.
But there are some large Opium fields deep in the mountains. The roads are unpaved, too narrow and apt only for four-wheel drive vehicles. These roads leading to the fields are patrolled by armed men from the communities around them and foreigners are not allowed anywhere near them. Even national security forces have a hard time reaching these fields.

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  • NYChapin

    Lo mismo dijo Colon cuando se “encontro” de nuevo con la tierra, “son inofensivos” y va ves como fuimos a parar. Nice Pics !

    • Elí Orozco

      Thanks NYChapin. Do you want me to send you some of them flowers so you can give to a loved one?