Food: Mushque

Mushque, a regional dish from the town of Chiquimulilla.

Another dish not meant for everyone!
It is prepared out of the brains of a boiled pigs head. The brains are chopped into tiny pieces and prepared the same as a Ceviche.

Everyone wants Mushque!


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  • Michele Pineda

    lol… glad you told me ahead of time, my husband never would have! We have this thing, I would rather not know what I am eating if it tastes good so be it. If I know what it is ahead of time, there is a chance I might not eat it. I still love the tacos we would get from a man named Don Nacho in Rhode Island, back when he was selling tacos and beer at his house on Sundays where all the guys would get together para curar la cruda lol. I used to tag along and eat tacos but one day to my horror I asked to go to the bathroom and had to pass by the kitchen to get there. As I passed by, in the sink there was the head of a cow where they were apparently getting the taco meat from. Believe me, I had nightmares for a long time after that! But I still eat them when we visit…although I haven’t told the story to our 13 yr old who loves them as well. She loves las carnitas, las pupusas and all that Guate has to offer when we go there, but we make sure never to ask too many questions-when in Guate, eat what they eat. My poor suegra already thinks La Gringa is a bit too fussy! Thanks for the photos-I’m missing Guate this summer since my mom is ill, so I look forward to you and Rudy’s photos.

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Michele and thanks for reading. I’m glad you like our photos here. I’m on somewhat an assignment of photographing not so ‘common’ foods. I’ll be sharing those photos soon.
      Make sure you daughter does not read the description if she ever sees our site.

  • elgordo

    Gracias por las fotos de mushque. Tambien tienen sus platos exoticos los orientales. Hoy aprendi algo y estoy agradecido.

  • What’s going Elí, are you on a competition with AntiguaDailyPhoto to see which website can share the largest number of exotic foods from Guatemala? Patín this! 😉

    • Elí Orozco

      Love Patín. I had a sample of it in San Pedro La Laguna.
      Yes, I’m trying to eat more regional foods. Next week I’ll be touring Mercado Central and its foods.