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Claudia Armas @Lux Guatemala por Hugo Muralles

I think that I’ve said this before, there are a few good things about living in the chaos of the City and its surroundings, in terms of art and creativity. Both if you are looking to feed yourself or to feed others, I suppose.

Artistic venues come and go for every taste, this time, CCE Guatemala, hosts a curated series of concerts under the Aves Raras concept.  In the main picture, the Guatemalan singer songwriter, Claudia Armas.  Last night, she offered a magnificent and moving concert.

If you can attend, stay tuned to the calendar in their Facebook Page.

You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter:

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  • Thanks Hugo for this post and all the cultural posts. I am waiting for Claudia Guns to come to La Antigua Guatemala to experience her music as well. Great portrait by the way.

    • Gracias, Rudy.
      Estaría bueno que el CCE se fuera de tour con estos artistas para La Antigua ¿cierto?

  • Claudia Armas

    Hugo, many thanks for the review and the picture, you rock!

    • Gracias, Claudia.
      Qué emoción.
      Qué conciertazo.