Street Food: Tortillas con Carne

Tortillas con Carne
Tortillas topped with meat, well, they have choices of chorizo, sausage, beef or a mixture of them all.

These things are massive, almost three times the radius of our common tortilla, good enough for a hungry person.
The preparation is very simple, toss the chopped meat (or meats) on the cooking plate, and let it cook to your choice, meanwhile have the tortillas warm to a nice crisp. When the meat is ready: spread an overdose of freshly made guacamole on one tortilla, add some cabbage salad, add the meats, some mayonnaise (optional) and to top it off: some spicy cobanero hot sauce.
Cover it with a second tortilla and you are ready to go.

You can find this delicious meal at the food joint in front of Guatemala City’s Museo Nacional de Arqueologia.
By the way, this meal including a soft drink goes for Q25 or $3.25.


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