Preclassic Maya

Preclassic Maya
The Preclassic Mayan Civilization, spanning for 2,750 years, from 2,500 B.C. to 250 AD.

During this “primitive” time, the Preclassic Maya established some of the greatest city states of the Mayan Civilization such as El Mirador, Calakmul, Tikal (Yax Mutul), Nakbe, Tintal and Wakna, some of them lasted for thousands of years. And some of these cities sustained population densities of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.
During this time, ceramic styles were standardized in the entire region occupied by the Maya. In fact, samples of the dominant Preclassic ceramics known as “Chicanel” are present at all major excavated sites.

Writing saw its beginning in this time too. the San Bartolo murals in Peten have been carbon dated to at least 100 B.C.
Replica of the San Bartolo Mural
Replica of the San Bartolo Mural.
Writing on the San Bartolo Mural
Writing appearing on the San Bartolo Mural.

and there are other examples of this “primitive” writing in Alta Verapaz. Much of these texts have not been fully translated, but some of the glyphs resemble forms appearing in later texts.

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