Guatemalan Street Market Food

Market Food
The best places to find authentic Guatemalan flavors are our street markets.

Another plus is their prices. At some of these market food stands a full meal can go for as low as Q15 ($2), including a drink and tortillas.

Street markets are not the most hygienic of places, but don’t let this be a deterrent, just choose the food stand that looks cleaner. And if you don’t have an accustomed stomach, just stay away from liquids and drinks prepared on site and choose a bottled drink.

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  • NYChapin

    Eli, I forgot to share with you that after we dropped you off from our “inolvidable” trip to Lake Atitlan, I stopped at the San Lucas Sacatepequez market for some ” atol de elote.” They were getting ready to close, so only a few of the vendors were open. It turns out that we were probably served atol made from a package of corn flour, not from fresh corn. According to my family, that has been the trend in the last few years. Me vieron la cara de baboso, I will stick with Saul from now on !

    • Elí Orozco

      Sorry to read about that bad experience but it is true. And it is becomeming more common to see practices like those.
      There is a restaurant I went to that makes their ‘Hilachas’ from a supermarket’s prepared box.

    • I don’t trust Eli for food recommendations. Every time I have gone out to eat with him, we always end up in over-priced places with mediocre food.

      For food, I think I know better places with great food and decent prices.