Food: Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken
If there was to be a Guatemalan National Dish, undoubtedly it would be fried chicken.

There is no town in the entire country where you can not find a restaurant, or a food stand preparing it.
Guatemalans love their fried chicken so much so, that when traveling abroad (by airplane), they would bring boxes of their fried chicken with them.
And did you know, one of Guatemala’s wealthiest families built their fortune out of selling fried chicken.


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  • Hi Elí, do you do deliveries? it’s 11pm, I want some fried chicken delivered to my house right about now.

    • Elí Orozco

      With the right delivery fee, we could arrange something. I got Pinulito for this photo.

  • elgordo

    The only food that unites all Guatemalans regardless of race, ethnicity, age, social class, etc. are frijoles negros. Nothing else comes close, not even tortillas.

    • Well said Gordo, I agree with you.