Ancient Mayan City of Quirigua, located on the shores of the Motagua River and not far from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is located at what was an important junction of the Mayan trade routes of the lowlands and the south. This city is home to the tallest stelae of the Maya, measuring 10.6 meters in height. Another beautiful feature of Quirigua is the abundance of Mayan Writing which covers its stelae and other monuments. Oh, and one more thing, surprisingly one of these ancient monuments stills features some of its original paint.

Quirigua is very easily accessible, at a very short ride from the road to Peten or Río Dulce.
Don’t miss it.

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  • norm

    There is a large deposit of snow white calcite in the area, the one temple appears to have been faced with it in the past. Much of the current facing has moss and lichen discoloring the original brightness.