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Seguridad/Visualidad is a small exhibit inaugurated today at La Casa Centro Cultural, Downtown Guatemala City. It was first intended to be a photographic exhibit but some contemporary pieces of art were later added to the final arrangement.

The intention of the exhibition is to show how security and isolationist measures taken by this society to prevent crime, have become an integral part of our culture and in some manner, are shaping, well, society it self.

© 2015, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    What a great exhibit, good shots Eli. As someone who travels to Guate every year ( Gracias a Dios ! je je) I am always fascinated to observe the different security routines and measures that my family members take each day to secure their homes, mostly at night. My brother used to live in the popular “Barrio Gerona” in Zona 1 and he had a routine of parking two cars in the narrow hallway of his colonial style house. The main door of the house was a huge accordion door that would fold into 4 pieces and had a number of locks to secure them to the door frame and floor. Each door needed to be close with surgical precision in order for the bolts to fit into the latches. It was like watching a symphony conductor when he would swing the doors into place and use hand and foot to secure the bolts. One of the doors needed a wedge to keep it nice and tight. My brother would use a piece of a rubber tire as the wedge. His joke was that it was ” custom made in Germany.”

    • Elí Orozco

      I´ve gotten in trouble several times with the wife because I forget (or purposely) to dead bolt the front door at nights.
      My logic tells me that if some one wants to break in, they can easily jump over my walls. But I guess dead bolting doors makes it more difficult for them to do so.