Mexican Food at Cielito Lindo

This Mexican restaurant opened last year.

Conveniently located on Zone 13, Guatemala City, it is very easy to get to.


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  • Bill Schroder

    The Bizarre Foods Guate episode aired last night! Great Job Rudy!

    • Thanks Bill, how was it, did you enjoy it?

      • Bill Schroder

        I loved it! Your segment was awesome, you did a great job! Can’t wait to share it with my kids with the exception of the “Bull Ceviche” segment! LOL! I thought my wife was going to get sick just watching that part. Did you share the location of the chicaronn stand on your photo blog? I’ll have to go look for it if we are ever headed back to Antigua.

        • Yes Bill, I have covered the chicharrones and carnitas stand several times since 2007, I believe. Just do a search on AntiguaDailyPhoto for either word and you’ll get the jackpot. ūüėČ