Cambray II

Cambray II
In the face of disaster people become united.

People from across the country have come as volunteers to help at the shelters, load and unload supply trucks and the hundreds of small vehicles bringing food, clothing and medicine donations.
Fundación Yaxs from Downtown Guatemala City is assisting children of survivors or relatives of, providing them with painting tools to deal with their pain and suffering. Some of the stories of these children are heartbreaking, too difficult for one to contain one’s tears. One of these children shows me a picture of his school pals, he points them one by one saying which ones were buried by the mudslide. I made this painting in their honor he tells me, the painting shows his friends victims of the disaster. He also drew a Virgin Mary, faith is very important to cope with the pain.

People from all across the country came to help loading/unloading trucks. I saw people from provinces far away, working from very early in the morning until the supply center had closed. There were reservists from Santa Rosa Department of the Guatemalan Army among volunteers from other ministries of the government.

Topos are an elite volunteers group of certified rescue workers. The name “Topo” means mole, they are famous for their techniques of getting into small holes in structures to reach potential survivors. One of them Topos drove all the way from the State of Veracruz, Northern Mexico to be ready available for the rescue operations.

Red Cross
I met a Red Cross volunteer who started his training 9 months ago, nothing prepares you for the magnitude of a disaster like this.

Give credit with credit is due
Dozens of Guatemalan companies showed their support with donations, a telecommunications company was providing free phone calls to people at the morgue who were there awaiting for info about their love ones still missing.
The Camara de la Industria (Chamber of Industry) provided a pizza dinner for volunteers at the supply center.
Another beverages company provided a pickup truck with a driver for transporting supplies to anywhere they were needed.

Some other scenes tell you of the magnitude of the disaster

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