Monte Alto Culture

Guatemala is known for being the heart of the Mayan Civilization.
But during the reign of the Maya, there were other societies occupying these lands.

The Monte Alto Culture has been the subject of sensationalist speculations. It was said that this culture and its giant heads sculptures, style termed Barrigón or Potbellies, were the predecessors of the Olmec Civilization,dating roughly from as early as 1500 BC to about 400 BC. But later studies concluded that the Monte Alto people and its sculpture are from a much later period, and the sculpture style is not Olmec or predecessor of.

These giant heads are on display at the central park of the town of La Democracia, about two hours drive from Guatemala City.
There is a museum across the street showing some pieces found in the vicinity, some of them are very elaborated and show a great craftsmanship.

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