Tak’alik Ab’aj

Takalik Abaj
Tak’alik Ab’aj is an ancient City located on Guatemala´s Pacific piedmont.

The site was occupied from at least the early preclassic, about 900 BC and it lasted to about AD 1000, when the population appears to have abandoned the city.
Takálik Abáj was greatly influenced by the Olmec civilization, we found dozens of monuments of their style. But we also see the beginning of an influence of what would become the Mayan Civilization. There are several stela with engraved dates, one of them with one suggesting a date far back as AD 126 using the Mayan Longcount Calendar and we also have a writing system in place.
The City is about 6.5 square kilometers, divided in several terraces with structures surrounding a central plaza. The City had an efficient hydraulic system which consisted on several stone canal to channel waters from the plazas to rivers and reservoirs.
The site is located at about four and a half hours drive from Guatemala City, at the town of El Asintal, Retalhuleu.

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