Squatters Settlements

Squatter Settlement
Squatter settlements are always subject of controversy in Guatemala.

Middle and upper class Guatemalans despise them and advocate for their removal by force, using police or even the army. Often because of reasonable causes: in many occasions the government is forced to grant them land titles on location or relocate them to better land, their leaders do own property or several properties in other locations and this is their modus operandi to get valuable land, and very often they settle on properties with a lot of commercial potential in a near future and these settlements are blamed for increase in crimes, though not direct evidence of it is ever shown.
Often, people criticizing squatters fail to see what the real causes that push people to take these extreme measures to get access to housing: land is overpriced and in my opinion at the point of a real estate bubble that with actual wages it is very difficult or impossible to get access to housing, and without a proper education or a formal job, accessing credit is impossible to buy real estate.
A very controversial topic indeed. What´s right? I got more questions than answers…

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  • elgordo

    Guatemala City has very few green spaces left. They belong to everybody. It is unfair for anyone to steal them from our patrimony. Being poor does not justify stealing, destroying the environment, or any illegal activity.

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Elgordo. This new invasión is less than a kilometer from my property in San Lucas.

      • elgordo

        Es un pecado. Otro paisaje violado y robado. Yo lastima a estos ladrones no les tengo, ni compassion. Como seria si capitalinos fueramos a invader tierras en el campo? Nos lincharan.