El Pinche — Another Mexican Food Joint in Guatemala City

Despite our geographic proximity, Guatemala does not feature many authentic Mexican food restaurants.

The Mexican restaurant El Pinche, located on zona 10, Guatemala City, is a good choice when one is craving Tex-Mex food, as for some reason, in Guatemala is almost impossible to find authentic Mexican food. El Gran Pavo, another Mexican restaurant, is the closest one can get to finding authentic Mexican cuisine in Guatemala.

Perhaps, the biggest hurdle to finding authentic Mexican food in Guatemala is us, Guatemalans. That’s right, we Guatemalans usually prefer Tex-Mex food because the authentic stuff too spicy for us. The other issue is that many Guatemalan cooks in the kitchens of Mexican restaurant had never had true authentic Mexican food, so they don’t know what is supposed to taste like. Lastly, even when you find Mexican cooks in the kitchen, they tend to make the food more bland and less spicy only a few weeks after opening because otherwise Guatemalan don’t eat it.

Fortunately, México is next door, so if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, take a short trip to the Mexican border town, such as Tapachula. Better yet, round trips to Mexico City are not too expensive. In the mean time, El Pinche, El Gran Pavo, Cielito Lindo might have to fill the bill.

¡Buen provecho!

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