Guatemalan Chómin

Guatemalan chow mein, which we pronounce chomin, is a Chinese dish we have made ours.

It is prapared for special ocassions at Guatemalan homes and often seniors would disagree on who has the best recipe.
It has become so ours, I never get tired of telling the story of a Guatemalan beauty pageant contestant when she was asked for her favorite national dish. She replies: Chomin.
By the way, it is customary to eat it with crisp tostadas (deepfried tortillas), topped with ketchup and spicy sauce.

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  • elgordo

    I have not seen anyone in my family eat chomin with tostadas. I do like ketchup on it, however. We eat it with sliced bread. Is eating it with tostadas a family or regional thing?

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello elgordo and thanks for reading. I had never thought about it before but my family, whic is predominantly from San Marcos and La Capital always loved eating the chomin with tostadas, specially the chomin recalentado. My wife’s family is from is from Chiquimula and they also eat it with tostadas ( my mom’s recipe is beter though). At Las Mesitas in Petén, they sell tostadas de chomin 3×5, so it is pretty much all around the country I guess.