One night on 4 Grados Norte

4 Grados Norte, a former prominent nightlife district is slowly becoming alive once again.

Almost midnight and you find photographers walking its streets, fine restaurants with open sitting areas facing the streets are packed with people and it is not rare to see residents walking their dogs in the middle of the night, something unseen in others areas of Guatemala City.

© 2016, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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  • elgordo

    Tan alegre que era este lugar. Que lo arruino, corrupcion o la chusma?

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello ElGordo.
      I wasn’t in Guatemala when 4 grados norte died. When I came to Guatemala in 2005, the district was full of life and there were a lot of options for drinking and eating. When I came to Guatemala in 2012, the place was already a ghost town. I am unaware of what happened in between.

      • dg

        I loved that place. It reminded me of la Sexta when I was a little boy. Well-groomed, polite, urbane people enjoying life. The last time I was there, I noticed that the people around me included not only capitalinos, but gaudy, vulgar country narcos and their nauseating ilk.

        • Elí Orozco

          I do like it as it is now. I think it has the perfect balance of crowds, ambience, hygiene and there is even space available for street parking.