Not everything is pretty

Hospital Roosevelt
Guatemala´s healtcare system is in a perpetual crisis.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work the photography for a news article based on the experience of a bystander witnessing how one night on the outside of Guatemala´s most important public hospital plays out.

Turismo ingrato

The experience was eye-opening, there are hundreds of patients who wait all night out in the open for their turn to be taken care of early in the morning. They arrive the night before because the demand is so great, if they are not there this early, it is very likely they won´t get a chance to be treated when the doors are open in the morning.
But not only patients do have to arrive this early. Blood donors have to arrive as early because only a handful are accepted and if they are not there early enough, they won´t get a chance either.
There is not proper infrastructure for patients outside and some of them have to sleep on benches or on the ground. I interviewed a single woman who came from the country side, she was sleeping under a small gazebo with her children. She had nowhere to go and she had to remain there for her multiple procedures at the hospital.

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  • NYChapin

    Wow, good job Eli. The article was a heart breaker. Whenever I visit Guate I insist in driving myself. Often I get lost, since I am not familiar with many new neighborhoods and traffic lanes. This past Semana Santa I ended up driving past the Hospital and witness some of the scenes you captured. I am glad that such conditions are making headlines and hope that it will promote some change.