XVI Gay Pride Parade

Guatemala´s XVI Desfile de la Diversidad Sexual e Identidad de Genero.
Here is an extensive photographic gallery of the starting point of the march:

© 2016, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    Great shots Eli. It looks like it was a lot fun. I am happy to see that the gay community in Guate is so vibrant and engaged. I love the mermaid/siren made with traje !

  • elgordo

    This comment might be offensive because of the language I’m about to use, but it’s not meant to be. My father tells me that when he was a teenager, a little after the 1954 coup, he went to march with his schoolmates down la Sexta when lo and behold, Rubencito (El Rey de los Huecos, as he was known), joined the march; he was wearing a suit, but with make-up and with heels. I get chills at the thought of the courage necessary to do that. Viva Rubencito!

    • NYChapin

      wow, what a great story elgordo! I guess we can say Rubencito ” tenia bien puestos los patalones”