Guatemala City’s Landfill

Guatemala City lacks a coherent waste management policy or the infrastructure to properly dispose of waste.

For dacades waste from the city and some surrounding towns has been piled up on the Basurero de la Zona 3. This land fill was a temporary solution, inagurated when the city was a tiny cluster of houses and building mostly within the boundaries of what is today’s Historic Center in Zone 1.
When the basurero was inaugurated, there was no knowledge of the effects of having a landfill at the bottom of a ravine could have on the ground water, specially in a society that relies on water wells for potable water.
Decades later the city and suburbs have expanded so much that now days there are housing areas all around the landfill. And Guatemala City and the suburbs still rely on these contaminated water wells.
And the Guatemala City government still has not come out with a solution to this ever growing issue.

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