No Space for Pedestrian

Guatemala City´s public and private infrastructure completely ignores pedestrians.

I few years ago, I went to a shopping mall located on one of the most prominent suburbs of Guatemala City, The mall was designed without a proper or formal access for pedestrians. The idea is that only middle-classers driving their vehicles would visit the mall. What about workers whom aren´t paid enough as to buy a vehicle, or occasional shoppers walking by, etc? Well, the administration of the mall realized their mistake and made a pathetic entry way for pedestrians on the side of an access ramp for vehicles, and to protect pedestrians, they installed some metallic posts to mark the pedestrian´s path.

Well, the entire infrastructure of the city is thought out the same way. Often you´ll see utilities poles blocking pedestrians pathways, forcing them to walk on the pavement, uneven sideways, deep holes uncovered, etc. are the norm, or in this case, no proper bus stops to safely get on or off the bus.

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