Fisherman of Lake Atitlán


Last night I happened to see this fisherman taking his price to be sold to local consumers.

Little later I found him next to a convenience store negotiating the price for the catch of the night.
-Q70 the potential buyer offers.
-No sale, an expression that connotes it is not worth the effort.
-There is about two pounds of tripe, the potential buyers exclaims.
-Yeah but it is a female and it has eggs, you can make (cook) those with chirmol.
-Q70 hombre, the buyer reassures.
-Bueno, with some of a discomfort the fisherman accepts.

What kind of fish it is, Elí asks the fisherman.
-It is carpa (carp).
An invasive species that has affected Lake Atitlán.

© 2016, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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