Mayan Game of Thrones: Motul de San José

Motul de San José
Motul is a Mayan archeological site located about 7 kilometers from the town of San José

on the shores of Lake Petén Itza.
This ancient mayan city constantly changed alliances between the warring states of Tikal and Calakmul. Some evidence suggests that late in the 8th century Motul was attacked and conquered by the Kingdom of Dos Pilas, another of the enemies of Tikal.
The site does not show restored buildings. It is just a series of mounds but some fragments of stelae are visible on the surface. In fact, one of these stelae appears to show the City’s emblem glyph “Ik” which translates as: Breath or Wind, as Kingdom of Ik.
The site is accessible for vehicles including tuc tucs or walking the 7 kilometers is also doable.

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