Second Christmas Count Cloud Forest

Despite being such a small country, Guatemala is home to more than 700 species of birds. On a small stretch of land, one can go from coastal plain species to mountain birds.

In recent years, small birding clubs have taken the task of documenting the species for a one day Christmas count. Aficionados and experts from all over the country gather on different regions of the country for the area’s count. This is the second year of the Christmas Count on the Salamá’s Cloud Forest region, on the Department of Baja Verapaz. The cloud forest is flanked by a small artificial marshland where unusual herons, such as the Green Heron might be found. To the West, a thirty minutes drive takes you to the Valley of Salamá. This dry and arid valley is home to dozens of species of Warblers, Cuckoos; including the Squirrel Cuckoo and the Lesser Road Runner, among others. And the cloud forest is one of Guatemala’s National Bird Quetzal favorite breeding grounds and for those trained and passionate birders, finding it is a matter of timing your search.

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