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A Guatemalan day on the Beach

Saturday, October 18th, 2014


Guatemala Inspired Art

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Guatemalan Art
A few weeks ago, a friend from Argentina came to visit. Of course I had to take him to this beautiful peaceful and serene place.
He took some photographs and his mother being a skillful painter, was inspired to draw this scenes.
Do you know where this is?

Bike Lanes and Where are the Bicycles?

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Ciclovia La Reforma
Most modern cities around the world are betting on putting in place infrastructure for bicycle transit. The environment, demographic growth and a lot of economic factors demand it.

Pasos y Pedales

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Pasos y Pedales
Pasos y Pedales is an activity organized by Guatemala City’s Municipality and its has been implemented in other towns and municipalities.


Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Mayan Artifacts
I couldn’t think of a title for this post.

A Guatemalan Cook-out

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Guatemalans simple refer to it as “Churrasco”, it is mandatory to have: Guacamol and Chirmol, and of course, you got to have your black beans and tortillas.

Lunch at Los Antojitos

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Los Antojitos
One of my regular stops for lunch, I highly recommend it.


Monday, October 6th, 2014

Jocote season is on in Guatemala!
Jocotes -Spondias purpurea- are one of the pleasures enjoyed by us Guatemalans. the fruit, to my knowledge, is not exported and in fact, the only few times I saw it back in the U.S. of A. was when fellow Guatemalans would smuggle it in in their luggage.

Paseo Cayalá: Zip-lining

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Zip-lining Cayalá
If you are visiting Guatemala City and you love zip-lining, you don’t have to go far for some of that adrenaline rush.


Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Chucho is a Guatemalan slang referring to dogs. It is specially applied when referring to a street dog.

Malanga -Xanthosoma-

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Malanga is a edible plant endemic to the Americas.

Farmers Market at Paseo Cayalá: Lunch Box

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Lunch Box

Guatemala’s economy does not provide the jobs or income to sustain a decent way of life for most of its population. And that’s why most employment in Guatemala’s economy comes from “informal” jobs market. And ones in a while, these entrepreneurs come out with great ideas like this one.