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Tomato Farm

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Here are some photos of a tomato farm trip today. I know, I got no many tomatoes photos, they are out of season but I did find interesting things around.
This plantation is very close to my house, a short 30 minutes bike ride (an hour if you don’t have the right directions).
Oh, there is a giant 500 hundred years old Ceiba at the plantation. One of the owners tells me it is a Ceiba Costarrisence -Costa Rican Ceiba- but I was trying to find that species online but I did not find it.
Tomato Plantation

Guatemala Night Sky Views and Time-lapse Video

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012


Our eyes are so slow or so fast to catch some movements. I have always love to capture pictures that our eyes don’t see or that pass so fast or so slow that our memory by a instant can see, A photo is a static view but when we merge a sequence of photos produces a dinamic picture, this is the video base. But I have discovered a way to combine a artistic picture with a motion: Time-lapse, the technique was builded on the first film years but perfectioned on 80’s by Ron Fricke with a custom photographic camera. From this years, a lot of photographers have experimented this technique. The digital age offer a lot of possibilities to explote this art method.

I love the image, and sounds and I’m experimenting to make my first film based on photography with time-lapse, let share with you my first production with some experiments done around Guatemala City, Villa Nueva and Amatitlán with night skies. It is awesome to see evidence of how our Earth is so alive even while we sleep. In near future I will publish the first short film about Guatemala City. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have filming it.

Time-lapse by Miguel Avila
Photos by Miguel Avila, Marixa Sanchez
Flickr & Pixelartsys

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