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Bicycle Event, World Car Free Day

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

World Car Free Day, Guatemala.
I was very impressed by the amount of people who showed up.
This time, I’ll let photos speak for themselves.
I rode from my house in Villa Nueva, a good 10.8 miles to the event, plus a 5 miles loop we did around downtown Guatemala and back to Campo de Marte, and I rode back to my house.
Campo Marte is accessible on a short 30-45 minutes bicycle ride from any of Guatemala City’s Zones and some people showed up driving their motor vehicles with the bike mounted. Come on! It was an event to encourage you to ride your bike to it. Failed!
Besides that, everything was great. I felt an amazing sense of camaraderie.
World Car Free Day, Guatemala

Sunday is all about soccer

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Sunday is all about football by Hugo Muralles

Not just out there in the soccer fields around Guatemala City, restaurants, the streets, people wearing t-shirts of their favorite team.

Campo Marte is a great place to hang out and walk in a fresh and secure environment. The next time I’m taking my basket ball. (and my camera, of course)

When was the last time you visited? Do you know you can have a variety of food there?

School year is over

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

And thousands of children begin their vacation at this time. The so-called vacation courses are everywhere in Guatemala City. The parks are full and it will be until January that classes start once again.  By the way, do you know what unschool is all about?  Have you heard anything about it?

GuateGraff Graffiti Crew

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

The group of graffiti artists Guate Graff have more than 10 years of being active, in their words: are dedicated to working on graffiti from an educational and professional perspective.

They are constantly involved in cultural activities and their work is present in many places in Guatemala City. The main photograph has been taken on the go skate day which took place this week at the Campo Marte.

If you want to keep track of their projects, you can follow them on facebook.

El colectivo de artistas Guate Graff tiene más de diez años de estar activo, en sus palabras: Están dedicados a trabajar desde un punto de vista profesional y educativo.

Están involucrados constantemente en actividades culturales y su trabajo puede ser apreciado en varios lugares de la ciudad. La fotografía ha sido tomada en el día del skate que se celebró ésta semana en el campo marte.

Si deseas seguir de cerca su trabajo, los puedes hacer en facebook.