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Guatemala City: The Streets, 6th Avenue.

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Sexta Avenida or Sixth Avenue has change a lot since I used to frequent the area more than 16 years ago.
When I was young, we used to come here because the cheapest (and one of the few available) cinema was located here. Pizza was cheap here too, you could get two slices for Q2 or $.25 cents and they were very tasty.
The Avenue was a mess; there were street vendors all over, improvised street shops were the only thing you could see. In fact, one was not able to see the buildings, street shops and shacks blocked the view.
Now the street has been rebuilt, the buildings remodel, Cine Lux, the oldest in Guatemala (I think) has been turned into a theater -a fancy one- and classy business have become establish here.
When I used to walked these streets, no one from the upper social classes would dare stepping here. Now they are the ones frequenting this location. Fancy dinning, international brands stores, chain restaurants among other amenities. One can easily mistake this street with Newbury Street, Boston or an European Street.
Sixth Avenue is becoming a cultural magnet (excluding somewhat the lower classes of society); musicians playing at restaurants, playing on the streets too, street artists are abundant.
I stopped to watch this group of kids break-dancing. The choreography became exiting and entertaining; I had to produce my camera and start shooting.
The kids call themselves: The Sixth Avenue Crew.

A thought: Good or Bad? The old Sixth Avenue was a mess, but the lower classes identified with it. Now the architecture is impressive and inviting in the sense that a charming Expensive Store would be. How can we modernize, without loosing the essence of what the entire society encompasses?  Example: How would one feel if traveling to India and finding its streets empty of traditional foods restaurants, no tuc tucs, not thousands of people bumping into you,  no bicyclepacks, etc. It wouldn’t be India: Right?   Well, I think that’s what is happening here. We are changing our architectural style, or foods or clothing, everything that define us as what we are. How can we go into Globalization and Modernization without loosing our cultural identity?
Sixth Avenue, Sexta Avenida

Guatemala City: Palacio Nacional

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Today I spent the day in Guatemala City, Zone 1 to be more precise.

There was so much to see. I’ll have to break it up into three different publications. Today I’ll show you the Palacio Nacional or National Palace and a beautiful shot of the Catedral Primada Metropolitana de Santiago, Guatemala’s City main Cathedral.

The things that most caught my attention today were: The Clash, a mural depicting a battle of the Kaqchikel people against the Conquistadors. And there was a Russian Photo Exhibit and they had photographs of Yuri Knorozov. He is one of the most important people in the quest of deciphering Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing.  PBS has a great documentary featuring Yuri Knorozov.

There is a story that encompasses a lot of what Guatemalan Society is: There is a monument called: Flama de la Paz -Flame of Peace-. It symbolizes the peace, achieved with the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996. The Flame was to remain burning indefinitely. In 2004 the gas tank was stolen and since; no one has thought of connecting a new one and turning the flame on. Brilliant!

Tomorrow: Guatemala City: Walking the Streets.

Stay tuned.
Catedral Primada Metropolitana de Santiago

Street Art: Graffiti

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Street Art: Graffiti Bull
I had seen this Graffiti several times while riding the T -Transmetro- and I rode my bike this occasion and took my time to photograph it finally.


Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

They’re young; don’t talk much, they will see your shoes before going up the eye. Some of them walk several miles a day, the lucky ones have earned a place that is unchanging over time.  His job is to let your shoes shiny and clean.

They belong to a marginalized sector of society that has to earn a living on daily basis. They have no education and perhaps will never have.  Work dignifies, some say;  no wonder the country has the highest number of child labor in Central America.


A Sunday Kind Of Love

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

I liked the attention that the couple was devoting to each other in Central Park. And I think I had the perfect soundtrack.

A Concert Asking For Tolerance

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Local municipal administration of Guatemala City is characterized by preventing that places dedicated to promoting rock bands open their doors to the public. Artists argue that the mayor’s personal preference determines the decisions that affect the entire population. They criticize his taste for classical music and ignores that rock music is also culture.

So, several musicians gathered in Central Park a few hours ago to bring that message to people and ask for tolerance and fair treatment. The campaign (in Spanish) brings up the hidden desire of the Mayor Álvaro Arzú for leading a European city and they remind him that this is Guatemala and that his job is to solve real problems.

Please tell us how it works in your city. Do you find censorship to certain genres of music where you live?

Where Are You All?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Stuck in traffic. They are all returning to their home. And it’s something you have to know about Guatemala City, nothing happens after eight o’clock, everything is dead except for a few activities and places, mostly on weekdays.  Of course it’s an opportunity if you can appreciate the silence.

Let’s Take A Break

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Sitting back, relax and just think in Palacio Nacional is an acquired taste, I must confess, but not new at all. The gentleman in the photograph has helped me to illustrate the experience.

And a lot of people does that, just at the end of the day they sit around central park for a few minutes before they go home after a day of work.

Taking advantage of natural resources

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Just in front of the Catedral Metropolitana in the next days you will find the model of a house that makes better use of natural energy resources.

Admission is free, the place is small but part of the proposed project is also the optimization of space; every half hour an expert show you how it works, real tips that can apply to your home and the advantages of these technologies in a country such as Guatemala.

The visit proved to be very interesting, highly recommended for all creative people. Please do not forget to comment on the efforts and achievements that occur in your country with the integration of natural resources at home.

Limpiando la Catedral

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

This worker was washing at noon the highest parts of the cathedral that you can find in Central Park, to get a better idea of the height you can see the photo on the bottom.

Taking the pulse of society: Guatemalan Women

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

If we must speak about Guatemala, it is inevitable and necessary to talk about its history and the armed conflict that took place in the last century and lasted 36 years… that’s a long time. Sadly, all or most of what we live today is a legacy from the war years.

The problems are not unique to Guatemalan City as they manifest in other departments. This is the reality of the Central American region and the American Continent. One of the biggest tasks we have to face as society without a doubt.

The Guatemalan National Police reported 5,317 civilian women killed in the last decade. In 2010 in Guatemala were more than 15,000 complaints of violence against women and more than 2,000 complaints have been presented in the department of Alta Verapaz, on the north of the country.

Truth be told, we are a classic macho society. The situation of Guatemalan women is not easy; every day more women are highlighting and standing out in activities that do not used to performed, this is positive news but does nothing more than demonstrate the long road that is needed to go to achieve equity.