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Nicaraguan Food

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Gallo Pinto, a staple of the Nicaraguan food is also available on the streets of the Historic Center of Guatemala City. (more…)

La calle donde tu vivias ( The street where you lived)

Monday, April 27th, 2015

La calle donde tu vivias ( The street where you lived)

Many Guatemalans who live in the United States return home during mayor holidays, like Semana Santa or Holy Week. Some are coming back for the first time in decades, others make the effort to come back every year. They bring their children and wives to walk the streets and visit the places they knew as children. One of the first stops is your old house or street. This is a shot of my street in the historic center of Guatemala City. Nothing prepares you for the torrent of emotions that overwhelm you when you recognize your old house.

photo and text by Eddie Deleón

Bar Central

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

This place is a whole different experience, not a regular bar but a place with a creative feeling around it. There are several varied activities from live music, poetry, to El bosón de Higgs visita el Bar Central.
One of the activities that I find particulary interesting is miércoles Ipodero. We owed this fresh breeze of new things in Guatemala to Chejo and Ale,  two young entrepreneurs that take this place into another level (not to mention the artists, writers, poets and other interesting people you meet there).  If you have ever heard of #MiercolesdeCumbia let me tell you it was there that the first Cumbia party idea was borned and I still remember the first cumbia parties there. Eventually because it was too crowded it had to be moved to a bigger place.
My favorite is @cantinerogt : “Hoy es viernes y @elcantinerogt tiene todas las ganas de aliviarles las penas y la sed, claro en #BarCentral”  follow him on twitter if you want to know what’s new in Bar Central. Suddenly I’m craving pizza and a beer 🙂
Have you ever visited this place or attend one of its activities? Tell us!

Café Saúl en la Sexta

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012


Teatro Lux was an important Movie Theater created in 1936. Last week the restaurant Café Saul ( Saúl E Mendez chain) opened its doors to the public and caused a big surprise for this kind of restaurant is usually located in wealthier areas. Times are changing, what once was an avenue full of informal commerce, traffic and routine is now an Avenue of interest for the big companies.  The rumors are they will encourage cultural activities in this place. I hope they do and I hope it is afforable for all of us.

A recent article about Sixth Avenue:

Tasso who?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Guatemalan writers, poets, singers, famous people walk through Centro Histórico, if we pay attention to people around us big surprises can happen. This time I was gladly surprised to see Tasso Hadjidodou. I had finally the opportunity to know more about him. I had heard he encouraged cultural activities in Guatemala and I saw his statue in 6 Avenida but it was not until I took him a picture that I decided to do a little research. His name is Anastasio but he uses the abbreviation Tasso. His Last name is Greek but he was born in Belgium. After World War II he came to Guatemala and started to work as a cultural attaché of the French Embassy in Guatemala. He was very enthusiastic and soon he was one of the enterprising who collaborate to found “Alianza Francesa” in Guatemala, a language academy that also supports all kind of cultural activities. Tasso has worked in some many cultural activities; he is honorary member of several Associations, supports Festival Centro Histórico and so on. He is now 91 years old and is appreciated for his devoted work.

In this picture you can see him with my friend Omar (former student of Julio Verne School). After greeting him we went to see his statue and guess what we found? The statue was carrying a bag of bread! I wonder if statues help us remember and respect people or are seen just as an ornament.


Historic Center Festival in Guatemala City

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

In the next few days in zona 1 of Guatemala City, there will be many cultural activities, most of them free and open to the public. The inauguration of the festival took place last night. Antonieta in the main photo wears a lovely dress that was used decades ago in Guatemala. Reminds me of the time that describes José Milla, but she told me that the dress belongs to the early ages of the last century and was used exclusively by the upper classes, as you can imagine.

Were presented old photographs and recordings in the central park and the people showed interest, a band played marches alternating his participation with marimba. Stay tuned, we’ll share some of these activities later.

En los próximos días en zona 1, podremos ver toda clase de actividades culturales, la gran mayoría gratuitas y para todo público. La inauguración del festival tuvo lugar la noche de ayer. En la fotografía principal Antonieta viste un traje que se utilizaba hace ya varias décadas en Guatemala. Me recuerda mucho a la época que describe José Milla en Cuadros de Costumbres, pero ella me indicaba que el vestido es posterior a esa época.

Se proyectaron documentales y fotografías con gran valor histórico y al mismo tiempo una banda interpretaba marchas alternando su participación con una marimba, el público demostró interés durante el evento. Estaremos compartiendo más sobre el desarrollo del festival.