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Cedarwood Road

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

A flower for Petina by Hugo Muralles

Big cities, hostile as they are, offer even more chances for you to be more empathetic and kind.  It’s fine if you fail at first, after all, we all grow thinking our future is the one that matters right?, our school, our projects, our home, our car, our T.V. and so on.

The picture above got me thinking… when was the last time I gave somebody flowers, or the last time I kissed the hand of a lovely lady.

I hope you enjoy the song, beautiful lyrics:

San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Let me share a couple of images from San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Sacatepéquez, a very small and peaceful town no more than 10 minutes drive from La Antigua Guatemala. This is a municipality worth exploring. I myself ended up at a lagoon not known by many Guatemalans who live not a far drive from the area and surprisingly I was able to observe some bird species I thought only to be found on the few wild life sanctuaries of the country. And they have this free entry small Mayan Costumes museum very conveniently located next to the town’s plaza.

Laguna San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Sacatepequez

Laguna San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Sacatepequez

New Year’s Guatemala

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

The World’s Super Powers nuclear arsenal is no match for Guatemala’s powder.

Fireworks, Guatemala City

Fireworks, Guatemala City

Proyección Folklórica Zoel Valdés at Teatro Abril

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Actors of Proyección Folklórica Zoel Valdés, founded by Professor and Folklorist Zoel Arturo Valdés Molina, with 35 years of experience interpreting Guatemalan Folklore and Traditions.
It was a three acts play. I’ll have more photos tomorrow.
Young Casting

Food: Fiambre

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

I’m a day behind on eating Fiambre. Fiambre is a traditional dish eaten for Day of the Death, 31st of October.
My recipe for Fiambre: Eating it and taking a long nap.
This is a plate with two kinds of Fiammbre: Fiambre Blanco and Fiambre Rojo.
Bon Appétit.


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Piñatas, you can find hundreds of different designs and colors and you can even have them custom made.
This is on Zone 1, Guatemala City adjacent to Parque Colón, an entire street allocated to piñatas business.

Remnants of Rock Culture

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Rock Culture is dying down here in Guatemala.
In fact, there is no single good Rock radio station anymore, the last one they tell me changed its style more than three years ago; now they play pop music. But there still some loyal young people out here.
By chance I ended up at this autograph signing by Alan Boguslavsky, former guitar player of one of the most renown Latin America rock bands. The Dream of the Dead, by Alan Boguslavsky.
Alan Boguslavsky

Street Fashion

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Street Fashion, Sixth Avenue, Guatemala City.

Street Fashion

Desayuno Chapín

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

I know you all have seen more elegant, more sophisticated, more abundant and richer versions of a Desayuno Chapín -Guatemalan Breakfast-.
There is not set of rules nor it is written in stone what a Desayuno Chapín should be, or should contain. In my opinion, the Desayuno Chapín should reflect Authenticness -my word-, devotion to aboriginal ingredients, and the most important; Practicality. Again, in my opinion; Desayuno Chapín is about what’s practical but still tasty, not about presentation or fanciness. And what I show you here is what a Desayuno Chapín is and has been for the largest segment of the population, especially in the countryside.
And I’ll have this Desayuno Chapín go against any at a distinguished restaurant.
Que ricos estan los frijoles -So tasty are them Frijoles- I told the female attending the shop. Es que estan hechos con cariño -It is because they are made with love/passion/affection- she tells me. That’s something you are not likely to get at a fancy restaurant.
Desayuno Chapin

Of Tortillas and our Cultural Strength

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

I am very pessimistic when it comes to evaluate our cultural strength. But I have to accept that there are some positive stories out here.

Every one here in Guatemala is familiar with this ubiquitous fried chicken restaurant…

when I left Guatemala more than sixteen years ago, the restaurant had a strict policy of not allowing tortillas in their restaurant: they would not sell them or allow customer to bring them in. Guatemalans have to have tortillas with their meal and they could not stand eating their chicken with bread instead of them tortillas. A lot of times Guatemalan customers would sneak tortillas in to eat their chicken with. Who did not?

Now the restaurant has formally surrendered and even has provided tortilla vendors outside their doors with umbrellas to protect them from Sun and Rain. And as a formal sign of capitulation; they now feature tortillas on their menu!

Oh, by the way, they have a new item on the menu: A Pepian Sandwich. Pepian is a traditional Guatemalan Dish and it is the first time a see a sandwich version with it. I did like it. 😀


Street Art: Graffiti

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

I’m back! After being absent for a few, I’m back on the blog.
I’ll be posting more and more of this intriguing country of us and I’ll be showing you photos of a Photography Project I’m starting next week. So keep tuned.

Street Art: Graffiti

A quick trip to Zone 1 and Mercado Central

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

A street candy shop on Zone 1 and some handicrafts and sweets at Mercado Central.
Zone 1