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Freelance Diaries: Get out there, speak, listen

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

She is bright, creative and a talented graphic designer, illustrator, copy-editor, to mention some of her most recent activities.  Very positive attitude that I must confess, turns contagious: Súa Agapé.

We had the chance to talk about the work she has done for a few magazines over the past years.  How much she apreciate reading, music, pets and drawing. Súa was kind enough to let me see her sketch book.

A recurring theme with artists is happiness, or the ability to be happy, actually. She’s constantly, challenging herself. Leaving the comfort zone. Why you should lose your head?.
She knows what she’s talking about.

If you want to keep track of creative people in Guatemala City, there you have it. You should follow her website, twitter or facebook.

Some of my favorites:

Súa, Thank you for sharing 🙂

Freelancing in Guatemala City

Monday, July 9th, 2012

This is quite a subject, let me tell you.  If there’s people interested, I’m planning to do a series of posts about freelancing in Guatemala City, pros and cons, experiences and all that jazz; lets see how it goes.  Distances, customer handling, security, banking, what places are available in Guatemala City to do some work?

In the environment we live in, what are the incentives that we have to do such a thing?

In the photograph, Café Barista Pradera, one of the places I would recommend to get some work done and have meetings. It is located in la 20 Calle 25-85, Zona 10, La Pradera.

What do you think?