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A Few Notes About Football

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Now that you know what chamuscas are, there is something you should know too: in Guatemala we are big football fans, despite not being good at it. (and that is proven) Most people stop their activities and devotes his attention to a game. So, I find these guys playing basketball and my heart is happy for a few minutes. Oh! by the way, Guatemala lost a football game today 5-0 against Nigeria.

Young People at Night

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

There are many places to hang out in zona 1, many of them new, in the main photo La Bodeguita del Centro, a very well known place that presents musical bands from all genres constantly.

It is worth mentioning that in these live shows, the musical bands mention the issue of violence and how that is affecting young people, expressing their rejection and concern.  But people are going out to have fun without hurting anyone and that is good sign.

Desde hace algunos meses en zona 1, hay muchos lugares nuevos para pasar el rato. En la fotografía se muestra La Bodeguita del Centro, para nada nuevo pero sí muy conocido. Constantemente se presentan bandas en vivo de géneros variados.

Hay que mencionar que en las presentaciones en vivo, las bandas mencionan constantemente el tema de la violencia y su repudio ante lo que sucede en Guatemala y cómo eso está afectando a los más jóvenes.  La gente está saliendo a divertirse sin causar problemas, ya es un buen indicador.



Monday, June 20th, 2011

It is common in Guatemala at the end of the day of study or recess start a football game, also known as chamusca and believe me, these are made anywhere. A callejón or any other place that allows it.

oh! nostalgia.

Es común en Guatemala al final del día de estudio o en el recreo jugar fúbol, actividad que también se conoce como chamusca y se juega en el lugar que sea. Un callejón o cualquier lugar que lo permita.