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Alta Verapaz (Part 1)Semuc Champey

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Alta Verapaz is a northern department of Guatemala. The land here is very fertile, corn fields are abundant, the area is famous for its coffee, Cardamon is grown here, cacao which is send to Guatemala City and often ends up in European markets. Besides all that; it’s forests are luscious with life and full of Natural Wonders. One of them is Semuc Champey, which means Where the River Dives or Hides in the Mayan local language Q’eqchi’. Semuc Champey is a complex Natural Water System. The Cahabón River hits the rock and is forced to go underground, some remnants of that water, along with water coming down from the mountains around, accumulates on the surface, forming these pools. The water is cold, perfect for refreshing yourself after a hike to El Mirador, where you have a great view of the Cahabón River and the Karstic formations.
Cobán, Alta Verapaz capital city is a four hours drive from Guatemala City. From Cobán is another hour and a half to the town of Lankin, the last 10 kilometers to Lankin are on a unpaved road. The last leg of the trip is from Lankin’s town center to Semuc Champey, a four kilometers drive, accessible on a four wheel drive vehicle.
More Tomorrow: Ask the locals. Stay tuned.
Semuc Champey