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Contrasts, Contradictions, Ironies… Simply mixed feelings

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Micaela by Arturo Godoy

Every once in a while Micaela spends some days at a small and beautiful Natural Private Reserve that also is sponsoring this long trip to Petén, Ni’tun. Micaela is not really shy, she is quite friendly, perhaps she escaped from being captive in some house. Nonetheless, Micaela is free, moving around as she pleases, but of course visiting this place with certain regularity. She is the first monkey seen after many years that this property was purchased and it is relatively recent that it was inscribed as Natural Private Reserve.

While being here, and being spoiled, not only Micaela finds a home in this Reserve, but also many other species and of course some people as well, I got a phone call by a very good journalist whose work is incredibly stunning, Moisés Castillo, an Antigueño that has been working for Associated Press for about seventeen years. So, he was curious as to the possibility of driving to the place where the recent massacre had ocurred, and hours of driving and asking around we made it. Coincidentally, the President made it by helicopter, along with other Ministers, and other press, at almost the same time we were arriving. In fact, we saw the helicopters and that’s how we finally knew where exactly the place was.

Getting there, journalists did their job, and everybody was ready to leave. Some shots escaped my camara, but the best job is the Jounalists. The ambience was very heavy, or at least the combination of heat and air was very heavy. How can people massacre people?

It seems that humanity as a species, and through its history doesn’t seem to have enough wiping out habitats and ecosystems, it even has to destroy itself by becoming less human. Atrocities of these kind will damage Guatemala entirely, for years to come, as if the war held wasn’t enough. There shouldn’t be wars, it seems humanity itself is incapable of tolerating peace. When as as species, as humanity will we grow up?

If you are unaware of the recent events in Petén, read the following news articles:

  1. Guatemala: Brutality and Impunity: Over 28 Decapitated in Petén by Renata Ávila, Global Voices
  2. Guatemala: 27 massacred, decapitated in Petén by paramilitary drug gang Los Zetas by Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing

In the meantime, also enjoy some of Petén’s sunsets.